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Warrigal continues to evolve with our service offerings and has introduced our new Utility Metered Hosting offering which we feel is a cost effective environmentally sustainable solution for data centers of the future.


Our Community

Warrigal is a proud sponsor of the Bradshaw Christian School Jogathon based in Sacramento California, we are in our second year with sponsoring Bradshaw Christian and we look forward to continuing our involvement with this fine school.


Young Athlete Programs

Warrigal is a strong believer in supporting and enabling the dreams of our youth in the area of sports. Warrigal is currently involved in supporting the following athletes of the future:

Dakota Smith  - Archery
Dakota, is a 17 year old archer from Australia who has broken countless Australian and World records with his Longbow, we are very proud of Dakota, not only for his incredible achievements but also his sportsmanship.  We are not only sponsoring Dakota, but we are huge fans and were fortunate to bring him to the USA to compete in 2012 where the Warrigal team got to see this archery master in action.

Callum Smith – Kart Racing
Callum is a 12 year old who has embarked on the challenging sport of motor racing, this is Callum’s first year in the Warrigal Motorsports Kart team and we look forward to posting updates in News and Events