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Webster defines Philosophy as, “a system of principles for guidance in practical affairs”.  At Warrigal, our philosophy is a direct reflection of our values.

lightsOur values truly are the system of principles which guide our decisions and our actions. Our philosophy is to constantly and relentlessly deliver value to our customers through integrity, objectivity and partnerships.  You’ll find this echoed in our CEO message as well. 

The values that our Philosophy is based on are:  

Delivering Value. It seems as if every company espouses that they deliver value to their customers.  Most will do this in a proposal response or at the outset of an engagement.  However this metric becomes a distant memory as the engagement progresses through the lifecycle.  At Warrigal, we rigorously and continually measure value at each stage of the engagement. This metric drives our strategic decisions and tactical actions. 

Integrity. In our industry, integrity gets clouded by differing goals and objectives.  The term, “corporate” is often used to justify actions that deflect accountability.  At Warrigal, when we agree to a course of action, either contractually or verbally, you have our word.  Our word is our reputation.  Our reputation is our brand.  
Objectivity.  Providing objective data to make informed decisions is not a catch phrase at Warrigal.  It is something that you will hear from us continually.  In any engagement, assumptions change as part of the lifecycle. Not assessing those changes and providing alternatives and recommendations does not deliver the value that was envisioned.  At Warrigal, we provide that objective data that is in your best interest and not ours. 

Partnerships. On our website you will find a listing of partners.  This is fairly standard fare for most companies in our industry.  However, we don’t believe that a partnership exists simply because we have placed a resource on an engagement. As a Warrigal partner, we take the time to understand your goals and objectives and tie our efforts and actions directly to their accomplishment.  

At Warrigal, we live our Philosophy day in and day out because they are the values that make up our DNA.