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Company Profile

Warrigal Consulting was created with the clear purpose and goal of providing our clients with appropriate and proven solutions that are tested, documented and continuously improved through their actual performance in the field.  

Company Roots

Although new in name, the Warrigal Consulting founders bring the passion and experience gained over 25 years of providing solutions across 7 different countries to bear in the development and implementation of the Warrigal Enterprise Modernization Framework (EMF).  Warrigal clients across the globe, in both private and public sectors, have used the EMF to align technology with overall business strategy, deliver solutions that enable new levels of quality, and allow maintenance of implemented solutions at reduced ongoing costs.

National and International Scope

Warrigal employees are represented in the USA and across Asia Pacific, our team are all seasoned professionals who are highly regarded in each field of service and technology that they represent. Not only to we understand and value cultural differences we also embrace the needs of each of the key verticals that we serve, from Federal to State Governments all the way to our commercial Financial Clients.

Technology and Striving for Green

Warrigal is a highly regarded HP Partner, achieving HP Public Sector Partner of the Year in 2012. Our commitment to technology has extended to our newer offering for the Utility Metered Cloud Hosting, which we are very excited about as it enables customers to quickly move to a cloud based cost effective environmentally friendly solution for their data center.