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HP Enterprise Solutions

Warrigal specializes across the complete HP Enterprise Solution stack of products. The challenge our customers face today is complex, fast moving and expensive for Enterprise Solutions that fit their organization.

Our Featured solutions powered by HP:

Security and Risk Management

Security is a front-and-center concern for any enterprise. Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated and unpredictable than ever before—so now is the time to ensure that you have the right security and risk management strategy in place.

HP Enterprise Security Solutions are designed to help you reduce risk associated with financial loss, reputation damage, and audit/compliance requirements. These solutions:

  • Provide you with an end-to-end approach to governing
  • Furnish operating and optimizing security practices
  • Automate remediation and proactively protect you against the onslaught of modern security threats with advanced technology

Information Optimization

Information Optimization is a front-and-center concern for every Enterprise. Because business success depends upon understanding and leveraging ALL forms of information: both structured data and the unstructured 'human information' that comprises the increasing majority of all business relevant information.

When you consider the potential of human information - the ideas and communications we share every day - having access to the right information where and when you need it is more important than ever. Now is the time to ensure that you have the right information optimization strategy in place to make the better enterprise decisions from the insight, intuition and ideas in your enterprise.

Application Transformation

Customers are facing are number of critical changes in their business, from cloud initiatives, mobile technology, legacy transformation, major changes to Health Information systems and Financial Information systems. Warrigal has extensive experience in all aspects of these challenges from People, Process and Technology challenges.

Warrigal will help you to design, build and manage applications that:

  • Drive engagement between people and enterprises
  • Seamlessly integrate mobile and traditional application environments
  • Capitalize on your technology investments to drive growth and innovation
  • Optimize traditional application environments to maximize efficiency