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Quality Excellence and Optimization

The Challenge

Once technology investments are aligned with Business Strategies through Business Service Maps, three common requirements during the solution realization phase confront IT service providers.

  • First, how does IT ensure that repeatable quality gates and controls are built into the solution lifecycle?
  • Second, how does IT ensure that solutions meet the response and uptime needs of the business?
  • Lastly, how does IT ensure that solution vulnerabilities and compliance measures are identified and remediated well before the solution is deployed?
  • The Warrigal Quality Excellence and Optimization EMF addresses these requirements.

Our Solution

With Warrigal’s Quality Excellence and Optimization EMF, our clients: 

  • Decrease overall solution costs by detecting defects earlier in the lifecycle,
  • Create a suite of test assets that can be reused across the portfolio decreasing time to solution, 
  • Identify solution performance bottlenecks at all level of the architecture,
  • Establish Service Level Agreements for solution response and availability,  
  • Decrease the attack footprint of solutions accessed via web or mobile platforms, and
  • Can attest to legislative and corporate security mandates.