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Data Center Alignment and Operational Optimization

The Challenge

Once solutions are aligned to Business Strategies via Business Service Maps, and solution quality, performance and security issues are addressed, deploying them to the Data Center, which introduces additional challenges for IT service providers.  With the current mantra of “do more with less”, gone are the days that each solution brought with it hardware for exclusive use.  Virtualization has enabled IT service providers to deploy multiple solutions on the same hardware device.  In addition, as industry looks to reduce costs across the board, the IT headcount to support, manage and monitor solutions may face continued reductions.

Our Solution

The Warrigal Data Center Operational Alignment and Optimization EMF enables IT to reduce support costs while maintaining quality of service.  With Warrigal’s Data Center Operational Alignment and Optimization EMF, our clients: 

  • Decrease overall Data Center costs by establishing common configurations of infrastructure;
  • Automate mundane but necessary day to day operational tasks, thereby shifting available resources from “keeping the business running” to opportunities for competitive advantage; 
  • Create and maintain a blueprint of the Data Center configuration ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery; 
  • Enable risk, change and impact analysis through all levels of the solution and supporting infrastructure; and
  • Establish and monitor Service Level Agreements for the solutions and Operational Level Agreements for the supporting infrastructure.
  • Establish and monitor real-time infrastructure and applications utilization and performance, with detailed drill down capability for infrastructure and applications for immediate analytics and problem resolution
  • Monitoring dashboards that are available on portable device’s such as Ipads for quick and easy application and infrastructure monitoring and health checks