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Enterprise Modernization

The core of Warrigal’s EMF is a series of Solution Accelerators.  

Through the use of Warrigal Solution Accelerators, our clients implement services in shorter timeframes with reduced cost and improved quality.

Warrigal Solution Accelerators are based upon the utilization of industry standard best practices, frameworks and methods that have been refined through field tested experience. Warrigal Solution Accelerators provide clear and concise methods and practices tailored to each client’s specific needs enabling the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the time to deliver and deploy solutions,
  • Increased solution quality,
  • Lower Solution Total Cost of Ownership,
  • Redirection of capital for Innovation or differentiating capabilities,
  • Decreased time to realize positive ROI, 
  • Alignment to industry best practices resulting in streamlined and measurable processes and services, and
  • Creation of a culture of reuse that reduces overall solution costs.

The Warrigal EMF and associated Solution Accelerators are driven by the individual needs of our clients.  Each client faces unique challenges in their enterprise and a “one size fits all” approach to improving the implementation of technology solutions simply does not work.  Warrigal's extensive experience in the field bears this out time and time again.  

The Warrigal EMF and Solution Accelerators align the fundamental challenges faced by our clients with the frameworks, methods, practices and technology that can be adapted to address each client’s specific needs and ensure desired outcomes.

Our three service lines are designed to address the most common challenges faced by our clients: 

Data Center Alignment and Operational Optimization

The Challenge

Once solutions are aligned to Business Strategies via Business Service Maps, and solution quality, performance and security issues are addressed, deploying them to the Data Center, which introduces additional challenges for IT service providers.  With the current mantra of “do more with less”, gone are the days that each solution brought with it hardware for exclusive use.  Virtualization has enabled IT service providers to deploy multiple solutions on the same hardware device.  In addition, as industry looks to reduce costs across the board, the IT headcount to support, manage and monitor solutions may face continued reductions.


Quality Excellence and Optimization

The Challenge

Once technology investments are aligned with Business Strategies through Business Service Maps, three common requirements during the solution realization phase confront IT service providers.

  • First, how does IT ensure that repeatable quality gates and controls are built into the solution lifecycle?
  • Second, how does IT ensure that solutions meet the response and uptime needs of the business?
  • Lastly, how does IT ensure that solution vulnerabilities and compliance measures are identified and remediated well before the solution is deployed?
  • The Warrigal Quality Excellence and Optimization EMF addresses these requirements.


Strategy Alignment and Optimization

The Challenge

A common and recurring challenge faced by technology leaders is how to align and optimize technology services in furtherance of the business strategies and goals of their organization.  Meeting this challenge is even more imperative in this era of IT being asked to “do more with less” and finding ways to decrease the overall total cost of ownership of IT services.  The Warrigal Strategy Alignment and Optimization EMF was created for this very purpose.