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9/26 - Webinar: HP Sprinter software revolutionizes manual software testing. Register today!

Webinar - HP Sprinter software revolutionizes manual software testing.
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
10:00-11:30am CT
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Manual software testing does not have to be tedious, error prone, or time consuming. Join us to see how HP Sprinter software is revolutionizing manual software testing.

HP Sprinter is easy to use and unobtrusive, but at the same time, you get a one-stop shop for all your manual testing needs. With HP Sprinter, you can...

  • Visually capture and record test actions
  • Automatically log exploratory testing
  • Conduct simultaneous testing
  • Simply record and playback macros for reparative testing
  • Reduce the need to perform repetitive steps by allowing automatic data injection and significantly minimize the effort to run the same tests on different platforms
  • Improve defect communication thanks to its Smart Documentation that is generated automatically as you test

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August 2012 - Warrigal Consulting San Francisco Giants Game at AT&T Park – Looking forward to seeing all our Bay Area customers and partners at the ball game

Dakota Smith sponsored by Warrigal Consulting competes in Australian Indoor Archery Championships and Outdoor Australian Long Bow Archery Championships in the same week. Dakota Smith is the World Champion and World Record Holder in Under 17, Under 19 Field Archery and Australian Record Holder and Australian Champion in Under 17, Under 19, Under 21 and Open Men's Field Archery.

Dakota SmithDakota Smith



July 2012 - Warrigal announces sponsorship of Prairie City Kart Club HPV2 class

Warrigal team supporting Warrigal Motorsports in Round 2 of Prairie City Kart Championship

Warrigal Motorsports first podium in 2012Warrigal Motorsports first podium in 2012


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